Day 1 – Starting out

Something has clicked. I found red pill women, and I am so much of it makes sense. I am trying to get a plan and everything organized. I am sure this will be a process of a year or so. I have been causing so many issues in our marriage. A tried to tell me, and I never really listened, but now it has clicked. Well, maybe more I have a path now. I can see how my actions and words have been so emasculating.

It has only been one day (and two nights) since i have started making changes. I almost cried yesterday thinking about everything that I need to change. 

Some places I have started

  1. Not saying “no” to sex
  2. Not nagging to leave the house for an appointment
  3. Not correcting his driving
  4. Shaving my legs
  5. Putting makeup on in the morning
  6. Turning to face him when he is telling me something

Some things I noticed that I will work on

  1. Giving him the opportunity to speak more at the eye dr. Or me being more silent and letting him lead. 
  2. Shouldn’t have told him what time we needed to leave the house by. Should have trusted that he understands travel times and would get us out of the door in time. 
  3. Better at not using demeaning language.
  4. Be more willing to say yes

Some over all things that made me cringe and how I will work on them. 

  1. He won’t give his opinion/preferences on a lot of items/issues. Probably because I shot him down a lot, he is afraid to. The more I defer to him the more willing he will be to share with me. 
  2. Trust him to handle things. I don’t need to micromanage his schedule. 

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