Family is Forever…Or until the game heats up

Hi Friend(s),

I had a very  bad day so I need to vent about it. My life is seriously screwed up so things are always up in the air but to give you the short version I’ve been lied to my whole life by my dad and mom so I didn’t still don’t have a lot of people I trust but earlier today my brother the one person I would trust even if he held a gun to my head or literally my life in his hands I feel betrayed all my years of loyalty and love. My mother got him very angry so he said and I quote ” I already know the truth”. And sadly the look in his eyes told me all I needed to know about how he felt not a word needed to pass between us to confirm he had made his decision and I mine we were then and will be opponents on the field no longer allies. It was a final crushing blow that makes me wonder exactly when my brother betrayed our neutrality to my parent’s bull crap mind games  and dove in head first. The one person I thought I could depend on through all hell breaking loose left me behind as soon as the flames got too hot. Now because of his actions and my choices I burn alone.

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