January 6

If you’re not interested in reading a depressed girl’s complaints, just keep scrolling.

I have too many people to please.

It’s impossible.

My grandma is the one paying for my college education.  I’ve spent every night of my Christmas break at her house except 3 nights that i’ve actually been at home with my mom.

My mom makes me feel like shit about it.

I haven’t seen my granny since New Years Eve because I try my hardest to please my mom and my other Grandma.

In my mother’s eyes, i can never do anything right.  I never have. 

After my dad died, i was just 8, and me and my mom got in our first fight, and i remember  saying, “mom, you should just send me to military school or somewhere far away from here so I don’t disappoint you anymore than I already have”.  Nothing has changed.  It has been 10 years since I said that and the same shit is happening. 




3 thoughts on “January 6”

  1. I can feel your current emotions.Don’t worry things will be better. If you feel like no one is listening to you then you can write your emotions in this journal whether people would agree with you or not. What’s important is you do not keep it to yourself. Cheer up 🙂

  2. sorry to hear but you are right its hard to please many people at once if it was me I would please myself and my grandma that helps me if you and your mom cant get along its not your fault 10-1 she probally misses him and gets lonely again I’m sorry but hope this helps

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