Kind of place I like to be in this time of season

Just surfing around the web and found this image on One of my favorite sites to get CC0 images. I really love the idea of the site and how people sharing great works with others. Definitely give it a 5 starts 🙂 I just had a typical Wednesday. Work and work out on my lunch break. Just couple things to take care of and one of them is my work visa which has to be renewed this year. Something holds me down all the time when I need  something. For now, I have no other ways to get around. Just need to deal with it. I still have to talk how we are going to do this and figure out what’s exactly gonna happen. Until then, little bit of stress is expected. 

10:01 PM already here in Chicago. Don’t really feel like I get enough time to do something after work on weekdays. It will be nice to have flexible work time that I actually believe in to be more productive for employer and employees. Hopefully, I get that one day! Feel kind of sleepy already and not sure if I want to mess around with backup thing now or not. Still little scared doing it since I’m not quite got used to it yet. Maybe I will give it a shot now. Seems to be a good time for it.

Hope all of you had a great day! Just two more days to go this week 😉

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