The light in the dark

This is my first public entry here.

I’m Rain (not my real name). I’m both younger and older than I feel. I don’t know who I am but I’d like to learn more, which is what this diary’s for. Life has been a strange journey thus far, and I can only hope that there’s more to discover than the walls of the labyrinth I’ve felt my way along until now.

I’m trying to learn to focus on senses. I may speak a lot of what I feel, see, hear, taste or smell, or what I imagine it is to feel, see, hear, taste or smell a thing, a person, an experience. It’s important that I simplify things in coming months; my ‘analyticism’ has been a seductive downfall historically.

I need to learn to observe.

It’s hard to define myself outside of ‘chronic and complex mental health issues’ as it’s formed so much of my life. But it’s just a part of me. There has to be more.

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