Weepy Women

Ugh! I hate weepy women and I am turning into one of them. It is so embarrassing and frustrating. To me, being weepy is a sign of weakness. I am not weak.

I have always been the strong one, I was raised that way. When I set my mind to do something, I do it and excel at it. I set high standards for myself. Whenever my family needed anything, I took care of it. I’ve never been the feminine one, needing someone to hold her hand. And never did I weep! Now, that is all I seem to do.

I’m not so sure of who I am anymore. Am I a woman who needs a man to look out for her and guide her or am I the strong one who is self-sufficient? Can you be both?

Why is it now that I need the reassurance, direction, comfort and love of a man when I never needed it before?

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