before january ends..


yes!alone, because i saw a blog that talking about things i should try alone at least once.


1.Watch movie – the sad one i insist! THE SAD ONE! so i was thinking to watch this movie called father and daughter  starring amanda seyfriend the stoner lawyer in the movie Ted2.. so moving on, this movie came out october 15something 2015 not very sure but i saw its still showing here in singapore .. i watch the trailer earlier and it makes me sad like not just sad i caught my self whipping my eyes :(( so yes! im gonna give this movie a try, ill read some reviews as well just in case my mood change 🙂


2.Visit ART Museum well im not really into art .. actually i am aahhaha! no actually im not >.< i think i am but not into it? fvck im confused (spelling the word confused gave me cancer  i was like confues, confius to confus) to be honest i love art but im not good at it so ill just leave it to people who can do it better and im just gonna stay here looking to their arts and appreciate the beauty of it. currently im still looking for a museum i should go thru :(( any suggestion?

3.Go for a walk and see nature if you are really really close to me you know how much i love nature i born in city raise in polluted city CALOOCAN CITY! MABUHAY! soooo seeing trees a lot of trees actually mesmerize me, the smell of the blowing wind mmhhhhhh..  is so refreshing isnt?, my friends even call me ENGKANTO (its fairy in english but trust me its not what they’re referring, theyre talking about the ugly one the bad one cause they’re fucking bitch but i love them) and i know already which place ill go thru YEY! im going MacRitchie Reservior i dont know when yet its quiet far tho but ill try maybe on my next off cause im just so tired now and i dont have to rush cause i still have 2 week to do these thingy…


4.Drink – Drink not to the point that i will get drunk maybe two or three is enough i just want to do something while thinking about life and watching the river (soul searching kuno) and when i say drink i meant alcohol im not going to post here if i will just drink water or something -___-


5.Somewhere far– I really wanted to go somewhere far but i know my parents wont allow me even thought im earning my own money and im already adult .. NO is NO to them and i need to understand that because theyre my parents they know whats good for me .. it takes time i know, last time also they dont allow me to drink and have a boyfriend now is like ok go get drunk as long you wont go home very late have fun with your boyfriend dont get pregnant. funny isnt? but i will still find a place which is not that far and i will post it here before january ends..

6.New hair cut– 6 six sixth anim because i really want to get a new hair cut and i feel like everyone wont like it ive been stuck with long hair for 3 years, 3 fucking years! i just cant have a long hair anymore buuuuuuuuutttttttt in the other hand im scared to cut my hair my IF’S are killing me what if i regret it what if i will look like a tomboy what if it they cut wrongly what if it took so long to grow ..  



thats all folks see you in my next journal!

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