A Strong Foundation, Doesn’t Crack…

  Life throws you many things. Happiness, heartache, joy, anger, it goes on and on. I recently have taken my share of heartache and sadness.

  I spent the last few years being dedicated, devoted, faithful, and unconditionally loving someone. They always were, and to this day the greatest of importance. All Relationships have there ups and downs. But you have to muster through them. It’s what makes them stronger. Being able to communicate is key. Personal flaws from each side should only be a minor detail-Although you have to be supportive, gentle, as well as delicate at times with their sensitivity. But always work together to sort them out. There’s no time table; when you make a vow/promise you have your whole lives to get things on track. Especially in early on-fast moving relationships.

  You always keep learning new things about each other. You embrace the strengths, but always be more tender and considerate with their weakness’. Being supportive through any troubles one may have. You cant sit and create your own chaos in your head, or try and convince yourself into negative things that aren’t true; that will eventually drive you to become unattached. You end up isolating yourself. (Granted everyone has bad days, and alone time is sometimes needed.) But It’s easy to lose sight of what or whom you actually have which is THE most important thing. They are always there for you whenever you need them. They go above and beyond to make you feel as if you are the most important thing in the world daily with all of their love. You must keep faith that all will work out. Invest solely in your love, and watch it bloom. 

   Money troubles are a big problem in relationships. It’s one of the top 2 reasons why divorce happens. I personally, believe money doesn’t define love. It can’t get in the way. It starts with two people- and their hearts. That’s what makes it, that’s what started it.

   Material things can be replaced, but forever love stays within. Everything else is extra. All it takes is two people working together. It’s a 50/50 thing-but you work as a whole; good and bad. It shouldn’t matter who makes money, if you both do, or no one does. You have each other, and together you will find a way. Tomorrow may never come, and so you worried over nothing. Shit doesn’t have to happen overnight, in a few months or even years, as long as the greater good is in your vision. It takes effort. True actual loving effort from both individuals to overcome anything. Something that doesn’t have a $ sign in front of it.

  When both people don’t cheat, steal, lie, and are completely faithful, they have An even greater shot for success. I take pride knowing that in my situation, we were BOTH devoted and faithful to each other always. I slept at night knowing that we had everything going for us, and that we had each other to count on, because that’s all that mattered.

  To finish this, I would say, Love like no one has ever loved before, and don’t look at anything else. In a relationship you have only one “problem”, and that’s to love each other unconditionally…..  Every other little thing that’s around that is just a situation… And situations always find a way to work themselves out. That’s the key thing to remember; Don’t let situations ruin a good thing. When you find that special someone you hold on to them. Accept their flaws because they accept yours. That’s what makes your love together so unique. Only the two of you can define your relationship. There’s so many more good and positive things to look at instead of pointing out each other’s bad.



I thank you for checking my first entry out. I’m surely not a therapist/motivational speaker or anything (haha), these are simply my personal views and opinions on an ideal relationship. I strongly believe  “this entry” is the foundation of a real relationship. Shoot me a message on FB if you want, with any criticism or other thoughts.  

** 46 days sober, 44 consecutive meetings **

  • Have a great idea for my next entry. Maybe even stay up late tonight to write it.

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