Being a Mom

So much stress when you are a mother and it does not matter how old they are especially when they have a life threatening disease.  When she was younger she messed up college and now they will not give her financial aid. WTF She is just now 23 and after a lot of losses she has got her self focused and is trying to pay for college on her own.  But without her education she is making barely enough to live on so who has to attempt to help her MOM.  And then on top of that her job is cutting back on hours.  I have so many people say she is grown now.  Yes she is but she also deserves a chance.  If she can get through this term then she can get financial aid back.  UGH. So much stress I am using savings but what do I do.

2 thoughts on “Being a Mom”

  1. Dear Loner, take a deep breath and pray…ask God to help u and ur daughter to get thru this difficult time. He hears all of our prayers,and we can call on him anytime day or night. I think u are doing a great job,helping ur daughter thru her financial struggles. Iwish u and her the best of luck,and I

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