In Search of a smile…

So something strange happened with that guy, with whom I never used to talk so much. But since December 2015 after Udaan, we started chatting.
He was nice initially but he changed drastically. Yeah, he is the same person I talked about in my last update.
My other friends bullied him which was very bad! I had a talk with them, they all didn’t mean to take this so far. But it happened. I understand because I believe they wouldn’t anything bad intentionally.
I talked to him too.
He had his exams the next day and I don’t want such stupid issue to affect his exam.
I didn’t let him be alone, I tried talking to him, he was not so happy I mean I could feel that I was irritating him when he wanted to be alone but all that was just to make him feel better and also make him believe that he is not alone, I never leave my friends alone when I have the main role to console them.
I do care about him because he is my friend. And no other reason seriously!
Anybody would have felt bad. I was just trying to keep myself together and not be so affected with the hatred coming towards me.
I just don’t want people who I care about to be sad irrespective of what they think about me. It was hard for me but I thought the things coming were the result of his anger. And if I can’t understand that then I am not fit enough to be called his friend.
This is who I am! I don’t want to be left alone again.
Now, I want to be nice and do the things I didn’t do when I had friends before.
But yeah! Whatever happens I don’t want to change! Because it feels good helping someone in their bad times.
So, I don’t want to change myself just because the people I care about don’t do the same to me.
It’s ok right?
Being a good person is all that matters!
Because I know today or tomorrow, they will realise me 🙂

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