Telling myself to just breathe

I don’t know what happened today.  One minute I am standing strong getting use to the way things are today and the next I am transferred back to they way things were many years ago.  I feel like I keep getting sucked in.  I try and try to move forward but my feet seem to be in quicksand while the rest of the world is passing me by.  I feel like I am  in orbit looking through a looking glass as others keep living their lives.  I had to keep telling myself just breathe.  This moment will pass, it isn’t real.  Tomorrow things will be like they are in the present and you will be slapped in the face with reality.  Just breathe to remember this is a good moment. I keep grasping at  something in my mind.  With hope it has changed.  Don’t feel disappointed when you have to tell yourself next week, – I told you so, to myself……..

2 thoughts on “Telling myself to just breathe”

  1. Thank you I am trying to get through the day. I know one day it will be different and the pain and hurt will be gone.

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