Today’s cover: Seoul

Just talked my mom and grand mom in Korea. My grand mom had a surgery couple days ago and she’s finally going back to home from the hospital. She does not sounds very good when I talked her on the phone. Though she is definitely recovering from the surgery. Hope it won’t be to hard for her to get back to normal. My mom also did a lot to take care of her. Although I’m not there to see but I can tell. Maybe it’s about time for me to go see them again.

Had a pretty decent day today. Nothing special to write about. I’m just so glad it’s Thursday night 🙂 Seems like this weekend will be busy. Going snowboarding and catching up with friends! will be fun.

9:07 PM here in Chicago. Feel already sleepy and I think I need some extra time for sleeping. Since I stayed up late playing around with backing up this site. It’s good that I finally figured out what to do and saw it worked! Things are gonna go smooth now on 😉

Goodnight everyone!


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