What family…?

Families stick together, right? That’s just the bullshit that Hollywood is selling us. A real family, well… my family, at least, don’t know the meaning of together. My family only counts one another’s failures… they be lurking there, waiting for a member to miss or make a mistake. Honestly, I don’t think its the right way to live. Honestly, I think I would be doing them a favor if I was shipped to Mars, never to come back. Sorry family… I wasn’t perfect enough for you… Sorry family, but on my Birthday, I wished that I be replaced by someone else, more suitable for you. i wished that you get the perfect daughter… and I would be inside an old junk box in the attic. What family…? Where did the love go…? 

Wish I had a therapist… 

4 thoughts on “What family…?”

  1. Wow, I thought that I felt the only way but I guess I was wrong. I was never liked by mom when I was growing up. She used to drink heavy. When she did, she would hit me for no reason. I always wonder why my dad never step in. I guess I was not good enough for them at all. My sister was always the good one in their eyes. Now Im married and i thought life would changed but I was so wrong. Life did not change at all. It only got worse. My mother in law and I was close and then she meet this guy, that lies and uses her for her money. She even told me that she thinks he is with her for her money. He can sweet talk her into anything. It is so unbelievable to me, but what can i say or do. So we are not close anymore. We all live together but we all stay in our rooms. We only say hi and goodnight to each other. I wish I can just run away to a other planet so bad.

  2. I can very much relate! Being not appreciated.. my mistakes is what they see… but i can still sometimes feel my mother’s love. Only sometimes.. i guess we both have our own faults..

  3. Most of the time they doesn’t understand me.,

  4. there is noting that anyone in the world can say that will change the fact that they are our families. we really cant do anything other than learning more techniques on how to be more patient…

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