Ass-Hole boy

Today, this boy ruined my day. He tried to tell me to kill myself. It’s not the first tim. And he tried to tell everybody that I’m most definately a virgin because I am me. He tries to talk bad about me to his friends while i can hear him and am just a few feet away. 

But, i am done. I am done trying so hard. I am done telling him to stop. I started something today, I am just going to ignore him. If i just shutup he will leave me alone. Today was his last day of school i only see him one more day until graduation. I will be done by the end of the week. I dont need someone to bring me done. I am perfectly fine with who I am and I will continue to be me no matter what. It has taken me years to develop and open myself. Its been a long time of recovery from self-confident issues. But i am here and i will not let him bring me down. 

He will, one day, learn what he missed out on and want me. And i will most definately say no. 

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