January 9th Back AGAIN

So it’s been awhile since i’ve written i’m a terrible writer and i really want to be more consistent with my writing this year i really do think that journaling is a good way to get a better perspective on the day. I really hope that 2016 is better then last ever since 2011 things have gone down hill my marriage ended that year and on Thanksgiving 2011 my mom died, the following year my ex remarried and divorced yet again,dad died and my sweet cat doug died a day apart,my ex met someone and remarried yet again this one seems to be lasting. I’ve tried to meet people and the last person i was activily trying to build a relationship with lied 6 ways to sunday to me i only found this out by doing a backtground search, and then he went on to ask me for money now let me tell you THAT pisses me off so i have decided to give up trying to find someone because i really don’t believe there are many if any good guys at all out there because i’ve have found they are either married or taken in someway or overall a bad person. My kids seem to be doing fine although it doesn’t suprise me but they are not a real big concern for my ex they never were not even when he and i were married but my boys KNOW i love them and i work my butt off for them. I have 2 jobs so we can make it and i can keep the roof over our head,clothes on our back and food in our stomaches the main things.I have to admit from time to time i feel REALLY burnt out with working the 2 jobs i have been at my main job come june 6th it will be 15 yrs  and my job at the daycare i will be there 6 yrs come Nov 1st. Oh to offset my negative in 2015 my niece had my Great Nephew Xavier such a cutie. 

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  1. hi I feel you my mom died in 2012 and my ex had bipolar skitzofrinia so we broke up in sept and since theres women that play games they act like there interested then I gave her my number guess what happened nothing no call its been 2 months I hope this helps
    by the way I’m matt

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