I’ve been having a hard time forgiving myself. I can’t face looking and the mirror and not feeling like crying. I’ve told myself this year things would change and I would help myself get through this, why do I always lie to myself? My chest feels so heavy and it’s really heard to breathe. I also have this feeling in my stomach like I’m really nervous but for no reason at all  I’ve tried explaining this to my mother but she just gave me peptobismol. This is kind of like 2 years ago when I told her I thought I had depression and she said it was just a teenage thing and it’ll pass in a week or so. I’m so alone. It’s all my fault I isolate myself from everyone. 


One thought on ““Melancholy””

  1. You should seek someone who can fully hear and listen your sentiments without judging you. I know that not everyone can understand you but I assure you, someone does – that someone can be a stranger, perhaps a friend of yours, your former classmate, etc.
    If you’d want to, you can contact me and talk out the feelings you are bearing at this r moment. 🙂

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