Sat, Day9- bad/good luck or destiny??

Days 6,7, 8 and 9…full of stress from work.. Today it got worse.. lost(misplaced) a lot of things, including my phone…good thing Mall Admin found it..Unplanned and failed appointments were on my way. Disappointing facts never left me. Lovelife… on the rocks.  Job hunting…no progress. Current job… too many progress that is why too many workloads kept coming. Health…suffering. Sometimes I feel like giving everything up…after all nothing good is happening continuously. So far the only things I am  grateful for our my closest and most trusted friends, sometimes family too..but even mom can’t help me though…anyway, what’s important is she is well..that is a relief to know. But I hope in all this, my heart’s one and only wish would come true..Hmm…guess I would keep hoping and praying for now–

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