Tomorrow… It may never come…..

   Unexpectedly, tragic things happen to you in your life. You don’t seem to understand why they do, but they do happen. It’s unfortunate, it can be scary, even make you apprehensive, but it can also show you how much you care for someone or something…
  Have you ever wished that you had more time to spend with someone? For example, what if someone you cared for deeply, but you haven’t talked with them for a while, suddenly passed away… How would you feel? Wouldn’t you wish you had just one more chance to sit down with them? Life is too short. This is how I look at everything in life.
    Cherish everyone around you. Especially the ones you love. No matter what life puts in front of you, never turn your back on someone. There will come a time, if not multiple times in your life where you will wish you had them.
    Ones that may have done you wrong in the past, have served a purpose in your life at some point. They are worth your time, and are worth your attention. Holding grudges means that you still care. So don’t be afraid to make amends or to let them make amends. Take the time and think of every little detailed piece of good they did for you. That alone is a reason. What do you have to lose…?.. The answer is, you have nothing to lose .         


“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say” – FO

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