Today wasn’t anything special, just the same routine, do chores, eat, play games or play outside, etc. The only thing different was I couldn’t stop thinking about telling my friend and my dad I was gay. I am not sure if I said my friend is bisosexual in the journal 1/8/2016. But she is bisosexual. It is easier to say something like that to someone who is like you. She didn’t show any stress or anything when she told me but it is so difficult for me to say it. I’m surprised I know myself as well as I know her.

 I saw some parkore videos and it looked really fun and I wish I was at least half as talented as they were. It get’s really interesting to watch them. I wonder if they get money doing it. Now sorry for the sudden subject change, I am just typing what comes to my head. When I figured out my friend was biosexual I was surprised and a bit happy. A other friend asked me if I was straight or bio. I really wonderd why he didn’t ask if I was gay and wished he did. I really want some attention from someone so please just type something in the comments like we are listening to you or something like that or favorite me.

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