Reflection Week 1 EDU 315

In spending so many years working in the Clark County School District, I thought I wasn’t going to be learning much in this my first week of Legal and Ethical Issues in Education. I have seen so much over the past 8 years in my many positions through out the district, I thought I had learned a lot. I was wrong. There are so many more things to learn and so many gray areas where education and the law meet. I thought I knew that as educators, we were mandated reporters of suspected and known child abuse but my personal experiences had me wondering about that fact. I have had the unfortunate opportunity to report not once but twice about suspected abuse and both times I was made to feel like I was just out to “get” the parents involved. It was like the authorities thought I was picking on a mother who was “doing her best”. My thought was, neglect is neglect whether done in malice or out of medical inadequacies. My reading this week in “Teachers and the Law” confirmed that educators are in fact mandated reporters. There were so many case studies in the book. I think more study is going to be required before I can get my head around liable though.

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