A letter to my friend

Dear, Friend 

Im sorry I ask you to go away it’s just I’m kind of tired of you living in my brain. I think I was to young to know what or who you were so being young and naive I didn’t push you away. You haunt my brain at 3:00 a.m and make it so hard to wake up at 7. You have always been there telling me that I was worthless not good enough for anyone and anything. But its strange that you are the same person who tells me to stay, who tells me to wait a little while longer because there will be change.  You are the same person who has been beside me always although you would whisper awful things in my ear when I was having conversations with people I called my “friends” but left as soon as your whisper grew into a shout they went away. This isn’t a letter to push you away friend it’s a letter to tell you I’ve accepted you because you are the only one that has stayed.  

What seems like forever but hopefully not always, Mel x

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