trying to find that magical combination of medications

let me tell you a little about myself. i live with chronic depression, anxiety panic disorder, ocd, ptsd, bdd, something similar to agoraphobia, and of course, social anxiety. my online journal is my way of explaining my thoughts and actions without doing it directly. i have a story to tell, just not face to face with another person. i do attend support groups such as NAMI connections and NAMI peer 2 peer. i also attend DBSA sessions. but, i don’t like to compete for speaking time in a group setting. some people just won’t shut up.

but i am learning. one thing i learned is that you have to tell your doctor when your meds are not working. i didn’t know that. i thought they could look at you and tell if you where improving, but they can’t. so i discussed my problem and he added another antidepressant to the mix. it’s not working. i still feel low. i even tried 5HTP. it gave me an anxiety attack. 

bottom line, i don’t know what normal feels like. and they can’t tell me. i don’t know what i should look for or expect. but, i hope i’ll feel better than this.

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  1. I am living with depression, anxiety, OCD. Yes, it’s important to tell them when meds are not working or causing side effects. I can hardly take meds except those to control panic.

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