Beyond my wildest dreams !!!

I’m almost fluent in English… I have learnt it by myself but who cares! Everyone only demands for rsults…nonetheless how much you have done before ( self studying is a bit hard when there is no one to recorrect and explain)  

in short , i was at the olympiad today in English… Passing score is higher ever there… I was in 2nd round and for 3rd round i needed either 59 out of 60 or 60/60 …. Just how much i wanted to pass just how…but it’s always like that that i mistake things which i dont know… I don’t have an intuition and it often gets on my nerves… As i counted i made 4 mistakes …if there is no more …

it really made me sad but that’s not a reason for breaking down!!! 

I remembered the book i read some years ago…Martin Iden …a man who was keen on having knowledge was feeling himself very stupid compared with others…he really did his best and finally he was astonished by the difference between his first and last thoughts…he’d become much more clever than anyone else… But he threw all his energy into his studies ….

i’m gonna take an example from him…

from tomorrow i’ll behave as him did and i’m sure the result will be beyond my wildest dreams !! 

P.s i also had an olympiad in Georgian… I think i wrote very well… Lets wait for the results )): 

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