Confessions of an Unsigned Artist (1.6)

I picked up the microphone this evening, and it felt good. 

Now I have to get back the music out the way I think it should go, and like everything else in my life, there’s always something that’s there to oppose anything I want to do. 

Since every female I choose to interact with in the mindset that I have is kept away or moved versus what I’d like, I’ve chosen to list them. That way I’m expressively using an area of my life that won’t change for a constructive purpose. If the angels won’t help ya, then show others how distraught they’ve made things. 

Today, it was just a chic I’m related to who I think her parents tell her, stay away from him, he’s into music, he does n’t go to church. If they don’t say it, it sure appears that way. 

I also want to expand on the reality that I’m a great dancer, but every Zumba or Hip Hop class I’ve gone to, the teacher’s make it a point to ignore me and point out how well others around me are doing. This has happened in EVERY class. I push harder & move on, but eventually I leave because they take it to a disrespectful place (like so much in my life). I secretely hate that I chose this life as a child. 

Despite the fact my body’s signals to stop go amid me doing anything, I still tried to get more day work to record.

Maddi(boned a guy & posted it on Instagram), TaylorX2 (bonded w/ my enemy/got preggy), Emily(started dating some other dude)

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