Positive attracts

Its going to be a beautiful day. Sun shinning I can hear the birds singing. I totally did not want to get out of bed. But I’m up and fixing to get busy. Clean this mess laundry started bath and work. L went and laid down with A…we chit chatted a bit. Kids are making a huge deal over Sat…its not often I loose my temper like I did. But they need to mind their own business OR follow my lead. T is just upset over money. It did need to stop. Just like I need to stop handing mine over. The change in me and my attitude was a subconscious decision that I made conscious. Life…is that life …be happy laugh often and if something is not making you happy…be rid of it. I accept I’ll have my moments but That’s all I’m going to allow them to be. A moment that will pass. I’m full of happy good thoughts today…

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