School journal

On one Christmas morning Oscar and vile were opening there presents. Once they got to there last present the vary special ones they save for last. they were just sitting there wondering what they could be.then after a while of gessing and when they thought they knew what  was inside there presents they started to open them Oscar noticed that Viles was bigger than his and Vile also noticed this but they didn’t care who’s was bigger or who’s was smaller they just made do with whatever they had. When Oscar had opened his he saw that it was a pen. When Vile had hers open she saw that hers was a watch. Oscar and Vile examined there presents, they looked at each other, looked at Oscars parents and asked “how are these things special?” As they where both very confuzled. Oscars parents sead “take the cap off”to Oscar. So as Oscar took off the cap        the ball point pen turned into a shiny bronze sword faster than you could say “CHEESE BALLS!!” when this happened Vile jumped back in surprise. Then Vile asked “does mine do something like that?” and Oscars parents sead “ya something like that”…”but yours does more than one thing and we will tell you and show you both everything about you and your things when we get to the prairie”. The next day they went to the prairie that is on the other side of town. When they got there Oscar was up first so Oscar dad told him “this is a very special pen… weapon this pen will always be in your pocket if you loose it it will always end reaper in your pocket. Ok now take off the cap ” so he did and it turned into a sword ” good now just practice chopping up that tree” so for a while he was just chopping up the tree and after a while of doing this he cut down the tree. Meanwhile Oscars Mom to file how to use the watch Oscars mom said that if file blue in the whistle a Pegasus would come flying down but only she could blow the whistle so she tried and after three minutes a black-and-white Pegasus came flying down when she got when the Pegasus  her she decided she should name it so she named it – her – so after a little while of getting to know – are Oscars Mom top file how to ride – her then how to talk to – you’re in a way that – or understand then how to fly on – her then  to team while while was busy with her Pegasus Oscar had already cut down three trees so then Oscars mom and dad taught her showed Oscar how to aim better and better ways to swing on hold and store the sword and how to  so it stays sharp then how to open up the shield and then Oscars dad said that maybe you just have a sword that that can pack stuff and that can spot shield bullet and that vile has a Watch I can summon a Pegasus  turn into a sword into a javelin turn into a shield and a flamethrower and bow but you have special powers with the sword Oscars dad said ask her said don’t be silly there’s no such thing as Powers book before this I didn’t believe in Pegasus Pegasus I  or swords that could turn into Shields but so all this start to bleed so then Oscars dad showed Oscar how to use his powers then he was ready to fight some evil is boo who who in the meantime vials mom was showing via  how to summon the sore they shield the flamethrower the bow etc. and how do use him but she did not have any powers but she did have a tiny little like a mini power basically nothing to fight with but she could but she could summon up anything that she wanted in her hand if it was not a weapon that she could use not she could use it as a weapon to if she could get a weapon she could get anything she wanted it didn’t even have to be real but the only thing with that is that if she lost the Watch then  basically nothing to fight with but she could but she could summon up anything that she wanted in her hand if it was not a weapon that she could use not she could use it as a weapon to if she could get a weapon she could get anything she wanted it didn’t even have to be real but the only thing with that is that if she lost the watch then  her powers would be useless so vials mom put a Dupli can we nucleator on the watch which made it so that whenever she lost it it would reappear in her pocket and Oscars dad also put one on Oscar sort and of course Oscar couldn’t do use his powers so yeah  Oscar kept on practicing his slicing and chopping on multiple trees and mountains of dirt then finally his is dad came back from the house with a rubber dummy and so then I asked her practiced chopping up the dummy he accidentally cut off a finger off the dummy but that didn’t really matter because well who’s dummy meanwhile vinyl was practicing flying the Pegasus she was flying up in the air doing tricks and such one vile’s mom came back she  A saddle for file it had a Seabell a backrest and a nice comfy seat and it was very comfortable for the Pegasus too so so she tried it on and it worked really well and files mom said that she you they used those gadgets  and they were little so now they were being passed onto vile and ask but file an Oscar did not know what they were getting into so once when Oscar and file were sitting on the couch all worn out of practicing and playing around their parents Oscars and vials parents told them about when they were little so so then after they were done him and took a really long time so once they were done talking Oscars parents and vials parents told them that they were going to  A camp called Camp half blood or they could decide to go to camp in Quan their parents both went to both camps and they had they said they had a lot of fun so vile and Oscar both decided which camp they wanted to go to they both decide to go to different camps and their parents said that no one could know what they were up to and they would tell all their friends that they were going on a four year trip and they cannot call or anything because their parents are banning their computers and phones for that for those four years because I Campath blood and camp 10 Quan Qua what they were up to and they would tell all their friends that they were going on a four year trip and they cannot call or anything because their parents are banning their computers and phones for that for those four years because I Campath blood and camp tin  Quan they did not allow calling phones computers or any electronic all devices besides the devices that they build there and it won’t know because the monsters in the forest could detect phone calls or Internet or whatever you’re doing you can detect if it is a half blood that is why every year when  you are in school there is always a trouble because you guys are either on the computers or on your phones and that is why the monsters have always tried to attack you and you’ve never known because me and your father never decided when was a good time to tell you but now we’ve decided that it’s this Christmas this is not the only these are not the only presents if you get you get more presents but for now until tonight these are the presents did you get will give you the rest of  The rest of him when it’s night time because I phone her because it’s colder it’s dark and have a little fire of the Christmas tree and such and so go have fun bye to Oscar and vile both had a lot of fun that day while went flying around and awesome  chopped up his dummy some more then they just went to their friends house and play but they did not tell anyone about what was going to happen to them because no one can know about camp half blood no purebloods can know him and I got that from home in the next day their parents started packing them  for their camps vital is going to camp 10 Quan and Oscar is going to camp half blood and then after the two-year after two years they are going to switch camps Vilos going to go to camp half blood and Oscar is going to go to camp 10 Quan. A while Oscar and files which camps if they want to or one of them can switch or the other but for now the camps they are going to go to so Oscar and the vile friend of the rooms got a little handbag instrument packing some things and they got their suitcase and pack some more things we close games phone  but then when they remembered they can bring their phone they put the phone back so they brought up bunch of other stuff and their moms said that they did not have to worry about it because they are not going early are going but their parents have already packed everything for them and they Oscar and file looked at each other then looked back at their parents  and they asked how all her stuff is still here and Oscar in the files mom said that you were not park in your normal clothes or anything actually only the extra little things you want to bring along you can bring your little handbag but that’s it and only bring a couple little things don’t bring everything so vile and Oscar were kind of standing there in awe and eventually Oscar in the files mom were telling them the whole story about the whole day it was happening so next day they started to get their most precious things that they didn’t want to leave they were going to be staying at camp for about oh I don’t know year so they wanted to get some pictures for memories some little things he wants they were ready once they were ready so once they already they started playing outside and asked how are we going to get there and there’s already it is  The way in Yorkville ER in New Hampshire we are going to take Texie’s mom said two different taxis I will go viral and your dad will go with Oscar and then  she pulled out to golden coins and she’s she asked a question the room on industry Oscar and violin fairy computer but then out of nowhere to write yellow New York taxi schemes zooming in France they basically just appeared they were just a big yellow streak and Oscar said bye  to mom and vile sead bye to dad and  then they started to leave by 10 vials Mom forgot something inside but she came right back out and they both left they both went different directions they were both camps are in New York or were they and so Oscar was driving for about but never understood completely how do you lose to think it is they want to kick in the ass the teacher is how how do use the belts and tools and the people at the camp said of course but first we will show you around can’t Oscar and file were so excited they were thinking about each other and different  can’t wondering how they were doing and X-Files camp they were there were all these call him and after a little while she notice she was inside a building with the roof exactly like the sky the clouds moved the sun came up and down the moon can open down it rain it poured Snow and it was windy but the reason is because of their nature god that is the most sacred got you dared to challenge you will be faced with oblivion and at Oscars camp there were a bunch of turd Snow and it was windy but the reason is because of their nature god that is their most secret god if you dare to challenge you will be faced with oblivion and at Oscars camp there were a bunch of  helps there were a whole whole lot of people there so the first camp so what do you do sleep took him first to the dining hall then the archery range and see all the cabins there was Hermes Hercules Zeus Poseidon her meals and he was going into  they said it was going to be the Poseidon one because his father is beside the stools and quits her because his father was back at home in the explain it the gods choose someone have to be their child and if you were chosen and we can monitor you with our things  i’m on school having a lot of fun after the first week of district message at the camp camp camp up at instructors said that everyone had this feeling it was an emotional feeling that got triggered after Attley  seven days of being in the presence of half bloods third two different camps in the entire world that we know of on the separate all siblings because then they won’t get into any fights or distract each other  when their training so they put all siblings in different camps and actually this camp for his other camp is all girls you can go there whenever you want but during visiting visiting month once a year one for one month you could go eat  The other camps and see how they were doing but you were not allowed to bring a neat thing besides your clothes since they do not trust us and we do not trust them so you are committed to the boys camp half blood’s in Long Island New York we have everything here we have Picasa I have horses  And me thing you can wish for so yeah it’s pretty good OK so I’m gonna wrap it up tonight and I’m going to bed good night don’t the bedbugs bite crabs who was terrible so yeah OK good night  The next morning  Went to the dining hall was people are still sleeping but he went to go get his table for table for different cabin  staple kids are introduced him self skirt and told him there was Jacob there was John was doing it  And Oscar knew that they were only going to be very good friends and he said but her get to know each other rates for a while and we all agreed so during breakfast they all told each other their story Oscar ask them what’s after  and they said for us it’s a horseback or treat for us it’s our treat next were going to go by the beach  Oscar Sue said he couldn’t wait and then he remembered the fact that there are monsters and if he went past the Treeline monster Josh could get it so don’t don’t that’s what construct right after  Fist down to the beach and spirited art there was an instructor everywhere and everything but you were allowed to do your own thing are true rain you could you could do whatever you want to do your bows with the new doctor to get off so Oscar just left his bow normalstarted shooting whent flying really fast  across the field and he got a bull’s-eye right smack in the middle and the other said wait aren’t you not good at archery and Oscar said I’m not and  and my journals do and I don’t really know what to do because I don’t know if I have enough jeer blog pages in my journal right now because I don’t know who Mr. straight like grades it but two pages here couple pages in my journal for something and yeah so  I kind of have to get rating and so Oscar yeah I’m at the store each because I was bored and didn’t have anything else to write about my thought breading like this wasn’t like good story so I can start my journal due today so I’m kind of just telling you so yeah yes so have fun i’m going to go look for my journal just to see if I can find it because in there I think I get a little bit more done like in writing so yeah I’m going to go look for that I’ll be right back don’t move don’t go anywhere see if I can write in it see if I can write in it  So I couldn’t find my journal which sucks but I can tell you what I’m doing right now I’m just gonna talk until school starts and yet right now I’m just playing some ancient summoner but now it’s called rise for Midas and him so it’s kind of boring because her like having me do stuff but Arity know how to play so I don’t really want this but OK so I just have to go through with it too I want to reshuffle mom  So right now there are guys are kind of running but credit trust me they will be credit and I’m gonna pleased on my cavalry there we go and they’re all going to die because that’s just how things work here so they’re moving go go go  hey something just ended sorry the phone is like glitching so yeah OK do you ask clean clean clean clean clean clean  OK so I cleaned all that stuff I’m gonna go over here who you quit so cool OK who’s lucky draw check and begin who cool person pretty good stuff here cool skills Lindo’s  Cool I just did online rewords those pretty sweet gonna go out and do that if no is this something no I don’t need to do that and then help with for bidden zone that’s cool but OK so you know I’m starting this so I’m going to go on her prediction and I’m going to claim them thousand And then when I get to level time I can claim 3300 XP then 15 300 so fragments cool so we’ll nine and get to level 10 pretty easily gonna go to map I’m gonna go to region to know I want to go back to map to go to region one  OK so I went back to the region to because he did all of reading one so cool I’m do this one reward thing hey Mom do you soon starting deck cool I don’t start and I should him know I can’t shoot him and her on  Giants or the bandit he’s level nine suite score for versus a work Coolio so I kill him then and there or shows up and then do that and then injuries that because that can it’s my hope that we have because yeah being very good  and talking succeeding no good going going going going going flea OK good good this is very good  victory yeah OK so I get it lanced night tower will get a cut to coop coop Kim coming so  hey so I’m not doing so good and fair that you do there good food  case and winning 312 tunes two minutes 37 seconds archer why shop and I’m going to cool so   Cool OK so do you go back there sweetie no I didn’t get the standard pack of cool sweet so sweet  so I’m just can go back and challenge home quick for you go I’m weird cancel their  Yahoo OK so dang OK cool can you do that and that fat in that sweet what no yeah hello  Got to go goodbye 

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