The Re-Start

Well, last night I jumped back on the bandwagon…been a few months since I have lost any weight, I have not gained much I keep gaining and losing the same 8 lbs…I call that a wash. But now it is time to start losing again….doc refilled my phentermine, but he only gave me the 30.5 not the 37.5 until he see’s how I do on it, wish he would have gave me what I was on before,, but it’s a start, at least he gave me something. Last night went well…..doing good on my cals, and wed I am signing up at the gym so I can get some exercise in as well…I know that’s why I stopped losing, it got cold, and I stopped walking/running….and also stopped losing weight. My goal is to lose 8 lbs a month….that will put me very close to 170 by my bday….I NEED to get there…I need to see how I look at 170..i am going to do both cardio and weights, try and firm up what is getting so saggy from losing……journaling should help!!!

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