Today is the day before I do exams, a test on everything you learned so far in the school year. We have Starr after this and yes 2 r’s. Tomorrow is going to be super boring. My mom wants me to study for the test but we already do for the whole class period at my school. I am planning to do something I think is cool I call gif my life. Like draw my life if you ever heard of it. The only problem is that I am going to have to draw so much. When I am finished I will show you the link if I can.

 I made a deal with my friend that I would give her 2 Dollar’s if she drew and colored a picture of Tom from Edwards world. I gave her 1 dollar in the beginning and said I would give her one dollar once I got it. I got it without it colored so I let her keep the one dollar I gave her in the beginning but not the other one. I gave the other one to the person I didn’t even ask and she did a better job. Sorry if you are reading this but thank you for trying. I hanged it up in my room because what ever I pay for I want it to last unless it is candy.

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