Cats and Migraines

Laying in bed last night, still awake at 3am, I decided putting some of my thoughts “down on paper” may help. So for 2016, I thought I would try journaling about my thoughts and ailments and cats and just life in general. I’m 28, single, and living in the best state in the United States.  who could ask for more!? Me… that’s who. I want health and happiness in 2016. 

I’ve named my journal Cats and Migraines. This is basically  my life now… I have 2 fantastic cats, Lilly and Molly… and for any Harry Potter fans, you will notice they are named after the mothers in HP. I love them so much. I will find myself just staring at their cute little faces. They are such a joy to have around, especially during times like this when I’m in horrible pain, and just down and depressed. 

I also have migraines. Unfortunately, they have taken over my life. I’m working 4-5 days a month…  I have hope that in the near future, I will begin to see a decrease in frequency, severity, and length. However, in the meantime, I still have a lot of issues. I have had a migraine since 1-4-16… 8 days… I spent Sunday afternoon in the ER, and yet I’m still in pain today. I am so fed-up with these migraines that I could scream, and break things, and cry. But I know, that none of that will help, especially not crying, that will only make things worse

Well that’s all for now. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something good to write about… like my upcoming massage


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