Death Valley and Death of Ego.

I finally made it  into Death valley.. I spent many days in Hurricane, UT.  I found that even though the town was a bit of a hole in the wall i greatly enjoyed the quite spirit. The town was in hibernation from the spring to fall of the Zion national park activities. 

Yet. I had to move along. A shame because as I left I received a call from an employer. A job that would have made a difference. Oh well. I’m not ready to settle just yet.

I traveled to D.V. and got turned around for employment there. I was so distresses. I didn’t know what i was going to do or what i was doing with my life. Everything seemed sort of random. 

Then i realized while destitute in dv. Nothing is random. I can still do anything I put my mind to. I traveled many states alone and survived. I lived my dream of being a van bum and now that phase is over. 

I’ve decided to put my luggage into storage so i can get to those places.  I am not the things i have in my van. I am not the jewelry i wear. Nor the clothes I wear. I am not the collection ofitemscollected

I am.


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