“Having my heart broken by him was worth it”

I didnt realize how lucky I was when he told me he missed me. Everything happened so fast, and I was more than happy.

It was the end of July when we hookep up for the first time, and I felt in love with him. I really wanted him to write me, I needed to see him again, and in the end of November it happend: he wrote me and we started talking. I was over the moon.

The things between us are weird now, but whatever are gonna happen, Im more than happy to have had this opportunity with him, for one month I was ”his girl” and it was everthing that I wanted to be. He used to invite me to go out almost everyday. Now he doesnt. But Im so thankful to have had this chance with him. If I knew that this was going to happen 3 months ago, I know that I would still be happy because one day he had invited me to go out with him, even if sometime later he would stop talking to me (what didnt happen:).

What Im trying to say is that if we didnt go out together anymore, Im already thankful to have had the chance to be his girl. I was so in love with him and the best thing that could happen, happened! He was into me. 

Everything in life can work fine or it cant, but to know it we have to have a chance, and I had it. I’m not saying that it is the end, but if it really is, I was so lucky to have had this chance, the chance that I wanted to have, and this is great! 

Imagine that you won a trip to the most beautiful place on the planent, while you are there, you will be the happiest person, but you wont stay there forever. Would you still go, wouldn’t you? That is what I’m saying. Everything comes to an end, but what really matters is what we have lived before it.

I don’t know what are going to happen, but I know that I’ve done my best, and we don’t know about tomorrow, maybe we will fall in love again, maybe we will not.

Having my heart broken by him was worth if one day he made me the happiest girl on the planet. If one day he held my hand and made me feel so special.

2 thoughts on ““Having my heart broken by him was worth it””

  1. i like your story but i dont agree with you You should fight for what you want for what you love you have to fight for “your boy” if you really love him
    its nice story and shouldn’t have this kind of end

  2. I know and I really want! But he doesn’t reply me and idk what I should say to him

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