It’s not a weakness its a strength

  I can’t sit here and type up this wonderful story about how I found my soft heart wasn’t a weakness, but a strength that some people just don’t have. I have thought for years and years that I was just way to nice and forgiving. Many times I would sit and beat myself up about it because I was the one person out of so many people I knew, that was so forgiving and I hated that. I would believe that it was my biggest weakness, some people even told me so. I’ve just always been that person that wa able to forgive the people who have been so cruel to me, so hurtful and even life threatening. 

  Becoming a Christian was the best choice I made for my life. Knowing that forgiving someone, including myself, was what God wants his people to do. Somehow, I was still made to believe that I was weak for being so forgiving. After years of continuos drama and senseless issues, I still forgive the people who hurt me the most. Sometimes I find it hard to forget what has happened and been said over the last 5 years, but somehow if given the opportunity I would be the best of friends with those people who hurt me. 

  Being a Christian, God wants his people to have a soft heart. Having a soft heart means you are able to love, forgive, and be the best person and Christian you can be. What if my heart was hardened? I feel that if I had a hard heart, my life would be bitter and full of anger and not a forgiving loving person at all. If my heart was hardened, God wouldn’t be able to use me or speak to me.   Sometimes I kick myself for being so soft, but then I remember that’s what God wants from me. He wants me to forgive, to love, to move on from any problems with no hate or anger. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Having a soft heart is not weakness, but a STRENGTH. I’m sad it took me so long to finally see that. 



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