Welcome part 2

I hate how my brain becomes mush during and after a migraine.  Even now, as I write this, I had to rewrite that first sentence multiple times until it made sense. 

I find myself beginning to think a thought and then suddenly wondering how or what caused the thought. The thoughts seem to relate very tangently to what I was watching or reading, but not always. 

For example, I was just mindlessly playing a card game in my kindle when I was suddenly thinking like I was in the episode of NCIS. No specific things, just random words or sentences similar to those I would hear in the show. 

Between the random thoughts and the inability to use my vocabulary, this is almost as bad as the constant pain. Pain, for the most part, I can deal with but, the foggy, dopey feeling is awful. I feel stupid when I’m trying to talk to someone and can’t think of the words. Family generally knows me well enough to fill in the blanks but, strangers or friends just stare at me while I scramble for the word or words I want. I know I am not alone cuz My sister gets the same way during and after. 

On that note, I wonder if it’s truly a “side effect” of a migraine and all people feel this way or if it’s just our closeness. I mean, there’s a reason we call ourselves twins born 7 years apart. 

My wish for 2016 is for Sa-Sa and I be healthy and happy. I know I already said that, but it’s a big wish. Maybe putting it out into the universe, the universe will help.

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