Am I going right ?

I couldn’t take it anymore.
I felt like I was being cheated on. Ya, its him again. After I understood that we are not meant to be, I wanted us to be friends. But each and every time I try to be nice with him, I felt he started taking me for granted and trust me that’s the worst feeling besides loneliness.
But I kept going, I never stoped. I thought maybe someday he would realise my importance.
But that would happen only in my dreams!
I decided to stop being so nice because it started hurting me.
Yesterday I was very rude to him. I thought he would get angry and just walk away. Ya, he understood my mood was not nice but didn’t even bothered to ask why.
So, I just said bye and went to sleep. Today was my practical exam, it went good.
But I felt like I have done something very bad. This was the first time I ever ditched a friend. I never wanted to do so but I don’t want to cry more too.
So I decided not to think about it anymore because what’s gone is gone.
But today he texted me again.I never expected that from him and yes he texted me because he had some doubts in studies. I couldn’t think of what to do. I went on and helped him. I was happy but I decided not to show it. He started asking what’s wrong with me. I said nothing and tried to act normal.
I don’t know why our chats never stop! Everytime I chat with him I feel more addicted to him. I seriously wanted to stop this but….

Anyways I am trying to cotrol my emotions, I want to study hard! Hardly one month left for final showdown!

Wish me luck!

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