Dating in your 40’s

Dating in my 20’s just seemed difficult but has nothing on trying to find a suitable partner in your 40’s.  Suitable partner yea I would be happy if I just find a suitable date.  I am a fairly attractive woman (that is what people tell me) with an education, great job, my own place and vehicle yet I can’t seem to find a man that can even hold an intelligent conversation.  I choose not to date in the work place I do not need my personal life to infiltrate my job although I work with 100’s of people and that is pretty much all I do.  I have serious trust issues from my previous relationship and have been alone for the last two years.  I relocated to where I live two years ago and know only my daughter and her significant other so someone suggested online dating.  The free sights are men trolling for sex and the expensive sights seem to match me up with men that I can’t hold a conversation with.  I even decided to choose men totally out of my realm in hopes of finding a suitable date.  I have been on one date and he was totally obnoxious and bragged about all the young girls he was dating.  OK if you are such a player why are you on the dating site to begin with.  I am tired of sitting home alone every night but I truly have no idea where to find a date.  Am I the only woman having this much trouble lol Is it to much to have dinner and drinks with someone of the opposite sex?

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