Love is not enough

I had a very nice topic with my boss today.
It was about relationship.

He said I am a very good woman, since I only knew my boyfriend for few months then had to face the distance, but still waiting for him to come back, almost one year. Most likely people will just leave and look for others. Don’t want to take risk.

But I am kind of person who likes to take challenges. Because there is also a possibility I could get a better relation after all. I believe if we did good thing, we will get it too in return. If my decision is wrong, then I take it as a lesson. Make me tougher.

Relationship requires TWO people to make it work. We have to commit. To be loyal, to maintain the communication. To respect others.

It is easy to say “I love you”. But the question is :
Is it deep enough to make you do a thing called sacrifice?
Is it true you love someone ’til you can ignore your ego?

Yes it is easy to falling in love. You feel like “wow”.
You might feel like found a soulmate.
You found you two share same backgrounds, same hobbies, same interests, etc.
Then after 6 months or maybe a year, you start to find your partner has the dark side.
Start questioning which is better, hold on or just break up.

You could find new person. Who makes you fall from head to toe (again) then you will end up the same issue later.

To me, love is not enough. These TWO people have to work together (of course).
If you can’t share the same vision, surely will break one.
I don’t really believe in soulmate, well I did, but reality has opened my eyes.
There is no such thing. You create your own soulmate, by accepting, respecting, and loving your partner. Not only the perfection, but together with imperfection.

So, don’t give up on people easily. You might feel regret in future.
Even more regret when you realized that person is the one you should fight for but already taken by someone else.

You will always can find a better person than your partner. But I don’t want to waste my time finding the perfect guy. I’d rather trying make my relationship is perfect, for me. ^^

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