Nighttime Visitor

I am a heavy sleeper. Each night my routine is the same, I pick out my next day’s clothing, get dressed for bed, set my alarm and climb in bed. If I’m not really tired, I’ll read a little erotica and most often enjoy a little play time with my toys before falling into a deep slumber. I won’t wake again until the next day when my alarm goes off.

This particular night, I slept soundly as usual and didn’t wake to the sound of the front door opening or the squeaking of the stairs. I slept blissfully unaware until I was startled awake by someone grabbing my hair and feeling a knife blade at my throat. I heard him then, “Don’t say a word, do everything I tell you to and you won’t be hurt.” As I whispered, “Okay” he pulled my head back by his hold on my hair and told me again in his gravelly voice, “I said don’t say a word”. Message received loud and clear, there was no way I was going to speak again, I was terrified.

The stranger grabbed my hands and bound them to the headboard with rope, he was quick and tied them with ease even though I was kicking and squirming trying to break free of his grasp. He pinned my legs down with his large, strong body to hold them still while he tied my ankles to each side of the footboard. He stood up looking pleased with himself.

Before I knew it, the stranger had his knife again and was slowly but methodically cutting the front of my sleep shirt. The knife sliced through the fabric like it was butter, it was sharp! Since I don’t wear any undergarments to bed, his job was done quickly. I laid there naked and scared, completely at his mercy. I had no idea what was in store for me.

The stranger, turned around and proceeded to unpack the bag that he brought. He pulled out a flogger with leather straps, a bottle of lube and an anal plug. I was scared.

He was rambling on that he had seen me at a local BDSM club recently and followed me home that night. That was my first time at a BDSM club. I have been interested in BDSM for a long while now and had finally gotten enough nerve to attend a class they were hosting. Being inexperienced and curious, I attended the class by myself, not knowing it wasn’t the safest thing to do. The class was about spanking and afterward they had open play. I stayed after the class to observe and explore.

Now I recognized him, I had seen this man at the club that night. I watched as his wife was bound and suspended in a rope scene. We talked for a little bit that night and I never saw him again. Now he was in my bedroom and had tied me spread eagle to the bed.

The man grabbed my face and turned it toward him as he said, “I saw you watching a woman get flogged when I first met you. You looked like you wanted to be her, I could smell you getting turned on watching. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and now you are going to get your turn!”

He was right, that night I did watch a woman getting flogged and it was the most erotic and sensual thing that I had ever seen. I didn’t know that anyone was watching me. Could he really tell that I was aroused? Was it that obvious? Since then, I have masturbated most nights while reliving those memories and now it was going to come true.   

He then ran the knife tip up and down my body, sometimes piercing the skin reminding me of its sharpness. All the while, he told me that I was a slut who was just begging for a thick cock to be shoved down my throat, up my ass and deep in my pussy. To my surprise, my body started to betray me! I felt my pussy become wet, my nipples hardening and my breathing was picking up. Oh my God! I was going to have an orgasm right then! I should be scared and trying to figure a way out of this and instead, I was going to have an orgasm. What was wrong with me?

Of course, my Captor noticed my arousal too. “You really are a little greedy whore aren’t you?” he said. I felt the sharpness of the blade over my breasts and chest. He was writing something with the tip of the blade. It read “MINE”.

Then before I could protest, he was done and I felt something cold and wet run down my pussy between my ass cheeks and the anal plug was inserted. It felt good, too good. My arousal still hadn’t waned and now it was ratcheting up again. I loved having my ass stuffed, preferably with a cock but a plug would do.

His hands and fingers found my breasts. Pinching, squeezing and caressing. Then warm breath and finally his mouth found my nipples. He sucked and nibbled on them to his heart’s content. The whole time, I was moaning and writhing in my binds. If he didn’t stop soon, I was going to cum! Abruptly he stopped and held the knife to my throat again, he whispered in my ear, “Don’t cum, you are not allowed to cum until I give you permission. If you value your life, you follow my instructions.” I then felt a sharp pain and then immediate pleasure as he placed clothespin clamps on my nipples. It was going to be the hardest thing that I have ever done to hold back my orgasm. I prayed that I could do it.

Showing his dexterity, he untied one of my hands and feet and flipped me over and had me tied back quick as a flash. Now I was laying on my stomach with my back as a perfect canvas for the flogging. The first strike of the flogger on my back surprised me, it was a little painful but also very soothing. It wasn’t a sharp pain but a thuddy pain. They were coming faster now and the strikes were rhythmic. One after one they landed on my back, buttocks, thighs and shoulders.  At one point, I couldn’t tell where one ended and the next began. I think that I started spacing out a little bit because the next thing that I knew I was flipped back over and was on my back again and I heard loud moaning. My nighttime visitor had his head between my legs and was licking my wet, eager pussy and the moaning was coming from me!

When he saw that I was rousing and coming out of my stupor, the man stood up and stripped off his clothing. He had the most magnificent cock that I had seen in my life. It was large and thick and my mouth watered at its sight. Noticing me staring at his proud member, the man walked over to my head and demanded that I take all of him in my mouth and suck him off good. He warned that if I use my teeth, I would regret it. There was no way that I would ever damage such a beautiful cock, I couldn’t wait to take him in my mouth. He positioned himself and then proceeded to pump in and out of my mouth. It took lots of effort and determination but I was able to take all of him. He fucked my face good and hard but I kept at it until he pulled out. Disappointed, I let him go. I was looking forward to my reward for being a good girl, a mouthful of cum to taste and enjoy.

He moved to the bottom of the bed and spread my legs wide, and before I knew it, he was spearing me hard and fast. It took no time before I was moaning and begging him to let me cum. I could feel it ready to release. This man must have a will of a god as he kept pounding me and wouldn’t stop. Mere mortals couldn’t go that long without release! My prayers were answered when at last he shouted, “Cum for me” and I did and did. It was the strongest and longest orgasm that I have ever had in my life. As I lay on the bed exhausted I smiled, as I felt his warm cum spilling out of me onto the bed.

Then as without warning he got off the bed, packed up his things and as he walked out my bedroom door. As he was leaving, I heard him say, “I’ll be back, next week”.

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