Things that would be wise for me to keep taps on

So there is a lot of things that you have said recently that really don’t make sense to me. I am keeping tabs as completely terrible as that sounds, it is something I need to do for myself

  • You said you stopped talking to her. Not something that i particularly care about at all but the fact is that you lied about it. You said you had taken her off of Facebook and stopped talking to her but you didn’t. You told me after you went over there that you were done talking to her but than you told me like yesterday about her plan to move to a house. How would you know this if you aren’t talking?

It’s not something I would even be upset about.

  • You made it sound as if he* was a stranger. Somebody that she had met online and than cheated on you with but than I noticed you are mutual friends on facebook. Half truths?
  • R*. This girl you had planned on moving out here when we started talking. The girl you had previously admitted to obsessing over. You told me that you ended contact with her aswell, but she is also on your facebook?

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Things that would be wise for me to keep taps on”

  1. It sounds like my ex I told her we can’t be together now cause there is no longer trust. She was always sexting her ex and on Facebook and tells me not to worry yeah ok so that means no more trust sorry this happened to you

  2. He has made efforts to clear up all of these things for me. There was a lot more going on that needed to be fixed between him and his ex before he could cut her out of things I guess.

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