A love story….

  I read a story today, it gave me a great idea for an entry. But I decided that I’m just gonna copy and paste what I read. I can identify with almost 98%.

“I spent the last 6yrs so in love. There was nothing more I wanted in this world than to be with my wife. I strived daily to fulfill her needs in every aspect.
She started to become distant. It made me push harder to fix anything I could however I could. I always had the hope and faith that “love” would conquer all. We had each other.
We ended up separating. Divorce was looming. I knew in my heart, as well as hers, we loved each other and we belonged together. We had a special bond from day one that nothing could break and that no one would/could even understand.
I asked God everyday, if she would take one second to herself. No distractions, completely focused, and remember why we fell in love, and how all of our dreams were right on the cusp on becoming true. The many great times we shared. How the future was ours and that anything was possible .
Then one day I woke up, and my prayers were answered. Things calmed down, our time apart made our love even stronger. We had time to work on our own issues. The fairytale ending I longed for and envisioned happened..
LOVE saved us, LOVE is the healer of its own pain. .. And that’s why in front of God, we said I DO”



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