Hello…Soo let me tell you my story.. My dad drinks and smoke he is mad when he drink and also both of my parents smoke and i have problem with breathing cause of that.. My dad beated me since 4 years old till the day i called police he stopped but he still yell at me cursing and other things… before he tried to kill me with a knife cause he was mad and also he tried to kill himself with pills she took pills wth alcohol and went to bathrom where he fell on the floor next i know I was in panic i was shaking actually I saved his life cause i called emergency and he was in hospital for a long time while my mom had to work hard in a fiel i remember it was summer it happened cause my parents were in fight and also it was a holiday and that was really scary day and later weather became cloudy and rainy… My mom always cut my hair really short like a boy and she was buying me boy clothes and all kids in kindergarden  and in elementary school were bullying me punching me told me i am ugly plus I was fat and i am still fat they were making a fool of me… long story… I have no friends half of my family dont give a fuck  dont talk to me or my parents..I had dreams but people broke them they took my soul they deleted my mind i am blind inside i am so lonely now… well thats kind  all… the basics of my history…which is bad and sad.. and shameful…

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  1. SG – i don’t think your history is shameful. it is sad, for sure. children should not be treated so horribly by the very people who should nurture and protect them. the actions of those caring for you are shameful. you are not. you are brave and compassionate.

    no one can ever steal your dreams or your soul – i know it doesn’t feel that way right now, but it’s true. your dreams are alive and strong, tucked quietly away and waiting for you.

    stay strong, dear emo.

  2. This is so sad. 🙁
    I wish I could invite you over for tea and talk to you and show you that there are really nice people in this world if you know where to look.

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