Pretty Crappy Day

so I was using my fathers truck this week because he had taking mine on a road trip. Got a late start but at least I got out of the house. Ran first errand and on my way to the second place the truck started acting up. I ran to a meeting then afterwards I called a tow truck. Walked across the street with a box and a 10 lb bag of cat food to get to the rent a car place. Luckily it was just across a 6 lane road. Got there but I only had my bank card no credit card- left it had home. Trying to pay it off. Had to call my nephew and my sister (who isn’t talking to me) to go home to get my card and bringing it me.PLEASE, I had no other way home because the tow truck already left. I waited for 90 minutes for them to bring my card. So got the rent car, ran one more errand and bomb had a blow out on the freeway. This picture is the second tow truck I had seen today. So I sent 5 hours of a very busy day dealing with a car.
Then I asked a friend out to dinner since I wasn’t going to cook and when the check comes doesn’t have any money. REALLY. I should of stayed in bed.

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