I saw him again today.. i thought the feeling was gone, but when i saw him, with another girl, it hurt me i must admit.. and i don’t like feeling this, i hate it. I want it to be gone.. but it just won’t! I have always been telling myself to stop, but it is not that easy.. i don’t want this feeling to get deeper, that’s why i’ve been avoiding him. I hate him for giving me false hopes.. but i guess i have my own faults too.. but i just can’t hate him.. i really hope this feeling will be gone.. part of myself wants to be happy for him cause he is happy with her.. but hurt comes in.. i really hate it! Good thing i have my friends..

2 thoughts on “Regrets”

  1. And I believe one day you’ll be stronger than you expect to be right now. You just need more time to heal. He’s totally fine and happy without you, so you have to be fine without him too. I feel you. Hope you’re gonna be alright 🙂

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