We are fine without you

It’s so hard knowing the right thing to do. I have one semester left of nursing school. I made the presidents list and have a 4.0. Yet the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with is you. When your son was born you took almost a week to come meet him. Then you disappeared for 3 weeks. Only to reappear for 1 day and then I don’t hear from you again for 7 months. When you demand a paternity test because you don’t want to pay child support. Afterwards you then want to see your son for which I spend the next month setting up days for you to come see him for you to come once. Then I don’t hear from you again for 3 more months. Now you want to come see your son since your new baby momma left with your daughter since she finally figured out who you really are. Yet in that conversation you pretty much told me that you plan on kidnapping your daughter. Why in the world would I let you near my child right now, you are clearly unstable. Seriously your son is fine he has no idea who you are. He is happy and healthy. Without you he has learned to roll over and crawl and walk. He plays patty cake and claps when you say Yay! He puts his hand on is head when you say Oh No!. He has picked a favorite book and will bring it to you to read. He play feeds himself with a spoon and anything that can act as a bowl. He shakes his head when you say no. He learned none of this from you. Without you I have been raising him and doing great in nursing school I have even found love and my son likes him. I wish you would keep your crazy to yourself and let me and my son continue our lives in peace.

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