Who am I

Hello… I’m 15 years old.. I attend beautician high school.. I am from Croatia but i love  english so i write on english and I talk it or write it every day..I am emo (emotional).. I listen to metalcore scenecore death metal hardcore scream emo and sad emo music..I love art and drawing.. I love nature and taking photos.. I love reading and writing.. Sometimes I like to write songs or poems.. I’m shy and its hard foe me to open to someone.. I dont really believe others cause after thing that those people did to me.. I dont go out cause there are only clubs with country music btw i dont really like clubs id rather sit somewhere where is nice quiet in nature and relax.. Second reason why i dont go out is cause i dont really like to be near people anymore cause they are cruel and I dont wanna go out cause i am afraid of seeing someone who hates me or  someone who i hate…  IF PEOPLE WANT TO BRING YOU DOWN IT ONLY MEANS THAT YOU ARE HIGHER THAN THEM..

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