Why Im Missing my Dog Cinnamon Even More

Because she was there when I had a lot of personal issues going on. She sensed my troubles and comforted me. When I was up in the bed filled with depression and anxiety attacks , she laid her head on me and slept next to me because she knew what I was feeling. Now when I go through these terrible attacks she is not there. She was an expert at sensing my feelings and when I cried even more so. I love my new dog but it will take her awhile to know me better.

Like a lot of people who grieve they wished they could have said more before their life ended.


2 thoughts on “Why Im Missing my Dog Cinnamon Even More”

  1. Loosing a 4 legged friend is very hard. You knew little one will never replace your old one. I know you loved the things Cinnamon did for you and the way she made you feel. you knew little one may never make you feel that way in the same way Cinnamon did. My dog is in her last stages of her life. I record almost every moment that I can with her. I am lucky to even have her today. I was told 5 years ago that I wouldn’t get more than 2 years with her. I just want to let you know that even though you lost your little one she is still with you. She is still showering with all the love she has to give. Sometime you just have to sit very still and just feel her.

  2. Thanks, yes it is very hard and more so for her then some of my other pets. I have a new dog, she is helping me but I still miss Cinnamon. I’m okay more than not. Some nights are just really sad when I think of memories. Some don’t make me sad, other things do. I remember the love she had for me in my heart. That’s what makes me feel good that it is always in our heart and nothing can take that away. Thanks.

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