Bring an end to “Us”

Everything turned around!
I don’t know why is all this happening ?
I seriously wanted him out of my life but when he comes to talk I just can’t stop myself. I do that for my friends, its very hard for me ignore someone who comes to me. I feel like I am doing something bad because as I said we don’t know what the person is going through. We can’t judge them.

But as usual, I love talking to him. And now we are so frank with each other, I have never been so frank with any guy.
We can talk hours on any random shit! We don’t have a perfect time, perfect topic, nothing! We just have endless chats!
I like such kind off people.
I really don’t want him to go, but I want him to go!
Even I am confused. Because the longer he stays the more I will fall for him.
So, therefore I want him to go. I don’t want myself to go out of control again. Those days were very bad! I don’t wanna cry so much again.
I want to live happily with my family and friends.
It will definately be very hard to forget him but I have to, if I want myself to be happy.
Because I know , he won’t stay forever. He will definately go because we both have opposite ways to go.
So just go now!!
I’ll miss you!

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