Dear Diary #2

Dear Diary,


Liar. Liar. Liar.

He’s a LIAR.

I can’t believe I believed what he said that he wasn’t some snobbish or handsome feeling kind of guy, so whatever happens, even if I’m three years younger than him, even if I’m way smarter than him, even if he’s more popular than me, even if I’m more talkative than him, even if he’s more playful than me, even if I’m the ‘author type’, even if he knows how to play three beautiful instruments, even if I’m a not-so-die-hard but supporting kpop fan girl, even if people say he’s some kind of rich kid which I don’t know if it’s true and even if it is true, I still won’t care, even if I’m always stuck inside the house, even if he goes out of class 10 minutes after dismissal, even if I look out our terrace and see him ride inside a car and go home, even if he already has a girlfriend, and even if I keep admiring him, he’d still notice me. At least as a fan or friend, I guess.


But NO.

I guess when it comes to so-called ‘love’, the odds are NEVER in my favor.

Good thing I forced myself to admire him 50-50, because there is OBVIOUSLY NO CERTAINTY that he’d…aish.

I’m out. I guess I should stop this kind of shit in my life.


Signing off,

Shane Angel 💔

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