Okay, so every year, it’s always been part of my New Year’s Resolution to restart my diary writing. It’s kind of sad since the reason I do this is because I don’t really have a friend/family that I’m totally close to. In my Psychology class, were talking about Attachment and how a sort-of messed up childhood (not the beat up kind, just the kind were you didn’t really have a close bond with someone), can affect your adulthood. Or teen years. I guess mine would be cos of my parents and though I have my lola (grandma in Tagalog), it’s still different. I mean, my class kept going on about a mother and child bond, and every now and then father and child bond. Not really lola and grandchild. Or-everyone-else-but-mom and child bond.

Anyway, that’s kind of a sad note, so… yeeeaaah NO, I don’t really know how to bring the mood up from that. 


I guess 15 day belated Happy New Year?

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