i see myself in others – perhaps they see themselves in me

oddly, i registered here to create a private journal so that i could try to figure out how i am sabotaging myself. some areas of my life are just not working, and i know for certain that they are not working because of something that i am doing unconsciously …  

the odd thing is that after i registered, i didn’t start writing – i started reading the public journals of other members. absolutely fascinating. slices of people’s lives. people who are strangers to me, younger than me, older than me, wiser, sillier, happier, duller, smarter: different than me. and yet each offer me a glimpse into their thoughts, their feelings, their reality.  

how different we are. how similar we are. how vulnerable we are as we stumble through life doing the best we can with what we have. how beautiful our dance – even when it’s painful.

i have changed my mind. i will create a public journal because as i have seen myself in others, perhaps others will also see themselves in me. 

but i am tired now, so good night, journal,


3 thoughts on “i see myself in others – perhaps they see themselves in me”

  1. Zia, I can relate to you writing today. I started this journal to help me work through changes in my life. I have decided to make it public for a different reason. I feel I have been lying to myself for many years. In so weird way if it isn’t out there in the world and just tucked away in my head I didn’t have to face any of it. Making it public to me is like saying it out loud. Something I can’t take back. Helping me face what I need to do.
    I am looking forward into seeing your journey through this world.

  2. Me too.. at first i want to make my journal private.. but i thought i want others to know that they are not alone, there are people that feels the same way as they do.. and i also want to feel that there are people that can relate to me somehow.. that i am not alone.. that i can write my thoughts and feelings and no one would judge me..

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