Jan. 15, 2016 – Step by Step

Step by Step

Friday, Jan. 15, 2016 

“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.” – Step Three

Today, for the alcoholic stumbling out of the fog of an extended drunk, there could be a problem with the use of the word “God” with a capital “G” and the reference to Him with a capital “H.” “God” and “Him” smack of religious connotations, a potential turnoff to the person new to the Program. But recovery is a spiritual, not religious process, and the God referenced here could be the “power” evoked in Step Two – and that power stronger than ourselves could be something as simple as our awakening to the reality that we could not sober up on our own. But Step Three requires another action – surrendering to something unseen but which, by sheer faith, is stronger than us. Step Three leads us to the admission that we are powerless over what we cannot control and have come to believe in a power greater than ourselves – and then entrusting ourselves to the care of that stronger power. Today, my decision is to turn my will and my life over to that force that I trust – on sheer faith – will handle me better than I ever could. And our common journey continues. Step by step. – Chris M., 2016

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